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  • Certified Marked material maintaining overseas standards. Our heater elements come to superior performance with energy-efficient, quality precision, durability, and moreover an economic price.

Muffle Furnace

For heat transfer oil, cleaners, high-temperature air, and gas heating.

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Our company offers a wide range of sensors which are best known for their high efficiency and the durability it possess. Some of the types of our range of sensors.

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High Density Cartridge Heaters

Heaters are mostly used for heating metal parts by insertion into drilled holes, specialized in providing concentrated heat in limited aces simply insert them into drilled holes in dies platens, process machinery and molds.

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We have a wide range of electric ovens and we also provide solutions to various other applications. These ovens have the basic features of the thermostat control system and temperature control and the temperature varies from 0 to 300°C.

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Coil Heaters

BEECO, coil heaters are designed using the finest high-quality magnesium and super active high heat performance conductive material, embedded through modern equipped machinery resulting in durable life and precision lettings.

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Beeco provides over 23 years ogf manufacturing research development for precise temperature sensings. Our range include mineral insulated thermocouple sensing tip.

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Band Heaters

Beeco band/barrel heaters high-quality supreme performance aesthetic looks, durability & reliability for the plastic industry.

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Flanged Immersions Heaters

Beeco electric immersion heaters flanged are designed for complete range for industrial applications; water high pressure steam heating circulation heating water heat exchangers high pressure air heating up to 400 degree Celsius.

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Frame can be stainless steel, powdered-coated, painted steel, etc, depending on requirements Various belt widths and conveyor lengths available.

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Flexible Heaters

Flexible heaters are just as their name implies: thin, bendable and shaped to fit your equipment.

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Infrared Heaters

Beeco Asia is engaged in manufacturing infrared heater in India. We have been providing high quality infrared heaters to our clients. Our infrared heaters are energy efficient and are cost effective.

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Certified Marked material maintaining overseas standards. Our heater elements come to superior performance with energy efficiency, quality precision, durability, and moreover an economic price. Ours specialize team education facility resources timely up-gradation enables us to deliver our product quickly with a guarantee of service after the sale and a quality product.



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About Us

We Beeco team manufactures a complete range of heating elements, packaging machines, sensors high-temperature heating equipment since 1993 in India’s graded top rank most beautiful city Chandigarh with all manufacturing facility, timely educated through our resourceful team of sales/purchase, professional production team ERP management system, 24-hour running production facility to OEMs.

Our products provide customers with accurate temperature production outputs with industrial-grade safety features quality standards quality certifications assurance to human nature for their safety is our duty to keep this regular we use certified raw material for multiple ranges of explosion-proof products. All our products are made using German Technology and all our ventures are sincerely headed by a strong team of professionals.



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