Automatic Labeling Machine

HTT-CA Twin labelling machine

It can be used in all kind of business or production operation and it can stick labels on two side at the same time .For example :Various two sides labelling for chemical industry, petroleum, mechanical oil ,washing-up liquid and beverage.


  • The main body is made by SUS304 stainless steel&processing by anode of aluminium metal.
  • PLC control system match human machine interface & included sixty-suite memory unit.
  • You can turn the labelling head to slitting 20 degree(max)suit a pyramidal condition.
  • Use same power of conveyor; reclaim apparatus to insure steadily of label.
  • Potent correctional device suitable for all sorts of containers no need to change model or crossbar mechanically reeling adjustment easy and fast to operate.

HTT-CC Multi-function labelling machine

Product Feature:
It comes with all kind of shape label and applicable to a range of size .For example: Food, stationary battery, cosmetic, CD and medicine etc

MT-200 Automatic Round Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine

Product Feature:
The machine suits for sticker label-sticking cylinder container or round bottles. Synchronous tracing and Photoelectric detecting is used, ensuring synchronism of label-conveying speed and bottle-rotating, pressing level and making labels sticking. The function of machine is reliable its keypad has a high automation. Also, the production speed can be adjusted in the scope of 0-150 bottles/minutes.

MT-50 Semi-automatic round bottle sticker labeller

Product Feature:
The machine is suitable for all kinds of round bottles labelling, and mainly applied to medicine, and food, cosmetic, stationery, electronic products industries such as cylindrical labelling.

MT-60 Semi-automatic flat sticker labeller

Product Feature:
The machine can be used for labelling all kind of flat side container, such as square bottles, it’s mainly applicable to various articles of the plane labelling with simple, fast, high-precision and other characteristics.

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