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Band Heater

Beeco band/barrel heaters high-quality supreme performance aesthetic looks, durability & reliability for the plastic industry.


Ceramic Band Heaters

Beeco band ceramic barrel heaters high quality supreme performance durability & reliability for plastic chemical jacket heating.

  • reduce heat loss
  • maximize operator comfort
  • reduce overall operating cost
  • conserve energy
  • full flexibility
  • good temperature uniformity
  • heat through conduction and radiation
  • wattage tolerance 5%(-10%)
  • resistance tolerance:10%(-5%)k

Physical size construction limitation

Sheath Material: stainless steel

  1. a) insulation material: ceramic fiber blanket
    standard thickness: 6mm(1/4″)
    double thickness: 13mm(1/2″)
  2. b)overall thickness
    standard insulation 16mm(5/8″)
    double insulation 19mm(3/4″)
  3. c) minimum thickness 25mm(1″)
    standard width increments 13mm(1/2″)

Width tolerance

  • 25 to 89mm(1 to 3’/2″): +_1’/16″
  • 102 to 165mm(4 to 6’12): 1’/8″
  • overall 165mm(6’/12):1/4″


Minimum Diameter: 30mm
Gap: 10mm(3/8″) if a larger gap is required for probes or thermocouples specify when placing order to beeco.


  • Injection molding machines
  • Plastic extruders
  • The food industry
  • Blow-molding machines
  • Container, pipe or tank heating
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  1. c) minimum thickness 25mm(1″)
    standard width increments 13mm(1/2″)

Construction and features

  • Economical
  • Dependable and efficient
  • High-quality mica and resistance wire
  • Versatile design
  • CSA and CE certified

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