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Flange immersion Heater

Over the side immersion heater

  • Beeco electric immersion heaters flanged are designed for complete range for industrial applications; water high pressure steam heating circulation heating water heat exchangers high pressure air heating up to 400 degree Celsius thermal fluid heating with moc 316ss, 304ss 321ss inclonel 840, 800 titanium brass copper from 500 watt to endless range.More over a big range already available models are these to buy now. Custom designed material, design and discussion can be done through email.

  • Screw ply immersion Heater
  • Screw ply immersion Heater with Single Thread pipe Construction
  • Portable immersion Heaters


Maximum working temperature 1500ºc 100% temperature uniformity 40 segment controlling with computer interface effective cooling system. Durable long lasting silicon carbide elements (shape type-u)

  • Used for heating all grades of oil cleaning equipments boils heat transfer system
  • Anti freeze protection equal
  • Air circulation
  • These heaters are consist of tubular cylindrical heating element tube, brazed with plasima re enforced heating tubes in standard grade flanges termination are covered with flameproof junction boxes.
  • We have wide range of in selecting appropriate flange heater wattage voltage, flange sizes dimension terminal housing and shealth material

Shealth material available :

  • SS304
  • SS321
  • SS316
    • Inclonel 800
    • Inclonel 600
    • Inclonel 120
    • Copper
    • Watt Density
    • 6.5
    • 15
    • 29
    • 55
    • 90
    • w/cm²

    Thermostatic Well

    A thermostatic protective well is installed in through flange for digital controller equipment reader in form of the thermal sensor

Design Flange Immersion heater

How A Customer Can Choose His Flange Immersion Heater Medium of immersion heater-


For water immersion :

  • Ph level
  • Viscosity
  • Pressure
  • Temperature required
  • Flow Rate


For oil immersion

  • Viscosity
  • Flame point of oil
  • Oil type
  • Flow rate


For Gas/Air immersion

  • Type of gas
  • Pressure
  • Flame point

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