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Heaters are mostly used for heating metal parts by insertion into drilled holes, specialized in providing concentrated heat in limited aces simply insert them into drilled holes in dies platens, process machinery and molds.

  • Seal bars injection molding manifolds
  • Rubber molding
  • Food production
  • Fuel cell
  • Medical devices
  • Die casting
  • Hot melt adhesives
  • Plastic welding

Beeco offer high-quality cartridge heaters consist of:

  1. The heating conductor made of nick 80/20
  2. Super flex ceramic wound case
  3. High-density magnesium oxide
  4. Heat resistance stainless steel tube 1.5 mm with vacuum environment processing

Type Available with us

  1. Normal cylindrical type
  2. Screw plug type
  3. With L bond
  4. With inbuilt sensor
  5. With ss armored slave

Watt Density Available with Beeco

  1. The heat flow rate or surface loading is the number of watts per square inch of heated surface area. to give us the order with desired or required wattage to understand,19mm is a cold zone, unheated end at both the ends, to calculate watt density you can use the following formula to order us.
    watt density=w(πxdxhl) eg: [12 mm dia length 12″ long 1000 watt]
    d=diameter=0.5 inch
    heated length=11.5 inch
    watt density=1000(3.14x.5×11.5)=55w/inch






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