Shrink Packer & Skin Packing Machine

BS-Series Shrink Packing Machine for PE film

Product Feature:
PE film packing machine is in the based of the lengthened shrink packing machine, and it enlarges the heat tunnel, and its transmission equipped with more powerful electric that have a higher carry capacity. Power within the circle of air compressor used to have a more homogeneous indoor contraction, the cycle of hot air to ensure shrink pack for bigger items.

The machine adopts electronic-speed control motor, and with wide adjusting range. It’s used closed hot air cycling device, and the products after packing has a nice appearance. With easy operation and maintenance, which is suitable for seal all kinds of shrink pack, especially for PE film shrink packing.

BS-A series Shrink Packing Machine

Product Feature:
BS-A series shrink packing machine adopt hot-wind & down-cyclone structure, with digital temperature control and AC speed adjust, and it can equip either mesh type conveyor or roller conveyor. Tunnel height and two sides shutter can be adjusted, which is suitable for PVC, PP or POF film material.

TB-Series Skin Packing Machine

Product Feature:
TB-series skin packing machine is a new type of packaging technology in the international market, it has become a main export commodity packing methods. It’s commonly used in metal, the measuring instruments, stationery, toys, knives cutlery, small articles of daily use, handicrafts, tourist souvenirs, small medical equipment, electrical components and other products packaging, the items after packing had the feature of transparent, stylish, three-dimensional feeling strong, moisture-proof, dust, oxidation-proof and defense parts etc, thereby it prolonging the storage time, This kind of machine no need moulds for all kinds of products, which is very convenient and cost saving.

FM5540 Two In one Shrink packager

Product Feature:
FM5540 2 in 1 shrink packager is suitable for packing boxes, toys, electronic bricks and so on. It can pack the products with a layer of plastic film, which makes the packaging more beautiful and firm.

TF6540SA Semi-automatic sleeve sealing machine

Product Feature:
The object should be feed by manual, it can pack unitary counted case (box or can) and also many goods, and it’s used to sleeve seal for many different industries such as printing, floor, chainware, beverage and beer etc. and it’s suitable for film of PVC, POF, PP and PE.

TF6540A Automatic sleeve sealing machine

Product Feature:
It adopts PLC control with touch screen, and it’s suitable for automatic collecting shrink packing object such as can or bottle. It’s a fully automatic production line integrated with automatic convey, feeding, arrange, sealing, cutting, and it always be used together with shrink machine to do shrinking after sleeve sealing. After finished the packaging, the products appeared neatness, compact and good for long transport. It’s suitable for all types of shrink film such as PVC, PE shrink film.

TF6540+ BS5540L Automatic Sleeve Sealing Machine + Shrink Packing Machine

Product Feature:
It is a fully automatic production line integrated with automatic convey , feeding, sealing, cutting, and shrinking, especially suitable for large, unitary counted case(box or can)bottom tray packaging such as can, bottle etc When encased with PE or PVC shrink film, and complete its shrink packaging. Conveyor is alternative with roller or mesh. Also we can design requirement of the customer. After finished the packaging, the products appeared neatness, compact and good for long transport.

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